Our Services

Individual Leadership Coaching

The Creative Leadership Advantage coaches use the Delta Leadership Six-Domains 360° Leadership Survey, a research-based leadership tool developed by Professors Sim Sitkin and Allan Lind of Duke University. This tool is action oriented.  It offers each individual the opportunity to gain introspection from a variety of perspectives, to identify strengths and challenges and then to develop an individualized action plan for implementation. This process allows for a lively dialogue of creative visioning between you and your coach that leads to new and innovative approaches to leadership and renewed personal interaction with your team.

Team Leadership Coaching

Team leadership coaching uses a value-based model to create and build an organizational culture defined by effective, ethical and doable team action plans.  We work with both small work groups and entire organizations to facilitate change and expand the capacity for team productivity and successful outcomes.

Types of Coaching Venues

• Face to Face Sessions

In a confidential, safe setting, you meet with your coach to explore your leadership opportunities, problem solve, and create an individualized action plan.

• One-to-One Sessions via Telephone or Skype

Our coaches conduct sessions with clients anywhere in the world via telephone or Skype, offering the same confidential environment as in-person session.

• Onsite Team Coaching

Our coaches  come to  your work place or meeting site to engage your team in a real time dialogue of values clarification and organizational culture development.  Teams leave these sessions with a clear understanding of best practices in leadership and specific action plans for strengthening their productivity and capacity building.

• Leadership Seminars

Our coaches come to your meeting site for a half-day or one-day seminar.  Group coaching based on the Delta Leadership Six-Domains model provides opportunities for executives and management teams to pool their collective wisdom and explore creative ways to deal with specific challenges – e.g. crisis management, human resource issues, values and cultural development.  Individual action plans for personal leadership development are included in this program.